brands I love

People often ask me how I get to work with such great companies. Most of these folks are my friends, but the truth is I only work with products that I believe in and can stand behind. I would use their products whether we worked together or not.


The James Brand

The knife you carry says something about you. You carry it to solve problems in the now. Some things will never go digital. 

The James Brand was created in Portland, Oregon in 2012 by a group of designers and adventurers who were looking for something better. Based on the adage that if you can’t find what you want, you might have to make it yourself, we decided to put pen to paper and design something new: products made with premium materials, a minimalist design aesthetic, and clear attention to the details. We make knives and tools that are a better reflection of our values and lives. Modern, minimal everyday carry is what the James brand is all about.

photo credit:  @gammanine

photo credit: @gammanine

Smith Optics

There are very few things that define your look, when you great someone you always look them in the eye. Glasses set you apart.

What started as my first pair of goggles as a kid learning to ski, then later in life it was a bicycle racing sponsorship 19 years ago, that morphed itself into a signature eye ware for me. I use to pop the lenses out of the sun glasses before they made prescription eye ware. Now it’s all I wear in the kitchen, on the bike, or tele skiing. Not only do they have my eyes covered, they are keeping my head safe with the best helmets on the market!!


HongKong Airlines

Airline food should be just as exciting as the trip you are taking.

The opportunity to collaborate on a custom menu for business class with Hongkong Airlines has been an amazing project. Now when you fly on business class from SFO or LAX to Hong Kong you have an option of eating a custom menu I designed from my restaurant Cockscomb.


The idea of having clothes made in California with a distinct style and a strong hold in the idea of social and eco concious production is amazing. That is why I am proud to wear their clothes everyday.


Growing up riding a skateboard helped define me as a person, gave me confidence, style and the ability to never give up no matter how hard things got. When I had the opportunity to partner with Vans and create a custom kitchen shoe It was a dream come true I finally got a pro model shoe.