Offal Good: Cooking from the Heart, with Guts
By Chris Cosentino, Michael Harlan Turkell

The off cuts, the odd bits, the variety meats, the fifth quarter—

It seems that offal is always hidden, given a soft-pedaled name, and left for someone else to eat. But it wasn't always this way, and it certainly shouldn't be.

Offal—the organs and the under-heralded parts from tongue to trotter—are some of the most delicious, flavorful, nutritious cuts of meat, and this is your guide to mastering how to cook them. Through both traditional and wildly creative recipes, Chris Cosentino takes you from nose-to-tail, describing the basic prep and best cooking methods for every offal cut from beef, pork, lamb, and poultry. Anatomy class was never so delicious.

"Chris Cosentino is a righteous heir to the lineage of Fergus Henderson, Mario Batali and the great, unknown cooks of France and Italy who created iconic dishes from every part of the animal. His food is also surprisingly simple--and unsurprisingly, delicious." - Anthony Bourdain

“With this book, Chris reminds us that the most delicious parts of an animal lay hidden." - Rene Redzepi, Noma

“This will forever be the cook's bible of all things offal.” - Sean Brock, Husk

“Chris is one of the most talented and curious and playful cooks I know, and Offal Good reflects his long and passionate exploration of the odd meat cuts, their quirks and possibilities.  Whenever he updates me on his ever-changing menus, he sums up with a smile and six words: ‘We're just trying to have fun.’ That very down-to-earth fun, and the deliciousness it instigates, come through on every page.” – Harold McGee


The seasonal and innovative ingredient combinations found in each of the Italian dishes in Beginnings exemplify Chris’s style of cooking...

made popular at his highly regarded restaurant Incanto and make use of his love of Italian salumi from his popular salumeria Boccalone. The recipes are at once simple and rustic, yet contemporary and inspiring.

The first cookbook from innovative and highly regarded chef Chris Cosentino, Beginnings presents more than 60 recipes for Italian-style first courses. Organized by season, the book draws upon Chris’s years of experience cooking both at home and in restaurant kitchens. The seasonal, yet creative ingredient combinations found in each of the dishes exemplify the style of cooking Chris employs at his San Francisco restaurant, Incanto, and many of them make use of his love of Italian salumi from his artisan salumeria, Boccalone. Hand-rendered sketches of many of the dishes and personal stories throughout, combined with the simple and rustic, yet contemporary and inspiring recipes give you a rare glimpse into one of today’s most exciting culinary minds.

"Though long a fearless pioneer and innovator on the San Francisco Bay Area scene, Chris Cosentino's excellent book offers comfort, reassurance and an array of enticing possibilities. If you thought you had enough "Italian" cookbooks? You clearly don't." - Anthony Bourdain

"Chris cooks with a lot of heart. And you see that in his restaurant, in his cured meats, and in this cookbook. He takes care with each and every ingredient and shows you how to make them astonishing." - José Andrés

"When I met Chris, he was known as a chef with a peerless reputation for cooking offal and variety meats. Over the years of our friendship, I have come to love and admire him as a brilliant and creative technician, one of the best chefs in the country, a culinary daredevil without boundaries. That being said, the best thing he ever made me to eat was a humble bowl of noodles that remain the benchmark against which I measure all pasta courses. I am thrilled that Chris has put all of that genius into a book that is as satisfying for the food geek as it is for a family to pull weeknight dinners from. It's a stunning debut of workable recipe authorship from a thinking man's chef."  - Andrew Zimmern

Beginnings: My Way To Start a Meal
By Chris Cosentino